The Sónar+D Startup Garden

We recently attended the Sónar+D Startup Garden in Barcelona along with 4,700 other professionals and 2,600 companies from 60 countries. Now in its 4th year, Sónar+D has become a key event for digital creative communities and a great opportunity for us to meet likeminded individuals and companies.

Along with the ‘meet the expert’ and ‘meet the investor’ networking events (of which we took part in the latter) the event hosted a startup competition where 30 applicants were shortlisted and 10 presented to a packed room of investors and creative companies.

The first key theme was music tech, as we predicted in our last news post. We learnt of new inventive ways to use technology to play or create music, including; the Remidi glove that turns the whole hand into a musical instrument; a smart guitar that allows users to play infinite sounds and share their performances online; and the winning entry, Kagura, a musical instrument that turns the body’s movements into music.

  Kagura's pitch in action

Kagura's pitch in action

Other startups focused on the ways that events can be made easier for a promoter (something of great interest to us!) such as Festyvent that connects events and users through great functioning event apps, and crowdsourcing event technologies (popular at MIDEM and Sónar) that aim to take the inherent risk of putting on an event away from a promoter as potential attendees register their interest for an event beforehand and even pledge the amount of money that they’d be willing to pay for a ticket.

The needs of event attendees were also considered by startups such as Unified that connect attendees to their friends at an event through bluetooth.

And all of that was before we were given the opportunity to enjoy the world renowned Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night festivals – both of which remain at the top of their game.

Thanks Sónar+D – we’ll be back next year!

The Edition Team