On the west corner of Portugal where Lisbon overlooks the Atlantic, endless sunshine gives an epic backdrop to a three-day music festival that’s a perfect cure to Glastonbury’s traipsing through mud and band-watching through a prism of falling rain.

There’s no camping option at NOS Alive and so attendees must make the beautiful city of Lisbon their temporary home whilst they journey to the festival for 6pm each evening. Rather than stymying the festival, it gives an added dimension to the whole experience (and that’s before you consider the simple joy of a choice of restaurant and shower facilities each day!) . The festival ground itself overlooks the city giving Instagram worthy sunset views and the line-up is a healthy mix of nostalgic acts, up and coming stars, globetrotting headliners and remarkable Portuguese artists. Our personal highlight was Radiohead who managed to capture some of the intimacy of their recent London Roundhouse shows despite playing to more than 50,000 people.

Arcade Fire were the closing headline act on the Saturday night, and their inventive set-pieces injected a fun vibe to the main stage finale, including an explosion of confetti giving attendees the closest taste of rain that they’re ever likely to receive at this festival. Celebrating Year 10 this time around, it’s plain to see why NOS Alive has become one of the most popular festivals in Europe (especially amongst an increasingly British audience we noted) with line-ups and a setting that seem to get better each year.

The Edition Team