Whether the focus is creating a strong commercial and financial framework for a business, providing expansion capital or developing a new business strategy, we are able to work with you at every level. 

Operational and Project Management

Often within creative businesses, operational details are an afterthought. Working closely with management, we seek to design and streamline business operations, with a particular focus on implementing strong financial management. This helps support overall business development paired with a positive financial result within an agreed budget.

Strategic Advice

For more established and mature businesses, the focus is less likely to be on operational or project management, but about taking the business to the next level – either through organic growth, strategic acquisition or a sale to a third party. We work with our partners to deliver the business’ potential.


Accounting and Finance

We can also take care of the day to day accounting and finance needs of a business to give entrepreneurs the space to be creative and focus on what they do best. We don’t see these services as number-crunching - we always aim to add value using our experience to work with you to grow your business.

Our services can include:

  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Book-keeping & VAT
  • Payroll
  • Company formation & VAT registration
  • Advice on borrowing, funding and many other business matters
  • Preparation of management information


Edition cover all aspects of accountancy for artists and media/entertainment industry professionals, ensuring compliance with all legislation. Our involvement ranges from accounting and taxation matters to the compilation and filing of accounts. For artists, we cover the life cycle of a tour, initiating budget management pre-tour and continuing through to post-tour accounting and variance analysis. Our flexibility allows us to support artists in all areas, no matter what stage the business is in its development or the individual is in their career.


Our specialist sectors include: 

  • Live events
  • Recorded music (distribution, publishing, artists)
  • Immersive media
  • Entertainment services
  • Bars, restaurants and multi-use venues
  • Gaming
  • Online engagement

If your business could benefit from working with our experienced team, please get in touch.